Di Tocker: Finalist for Ranamok Prize for Contempory Glass 2011 - 3rd Jul 2011

Di Tocker: Finalist for Ranamok Prize for Contempory Glass 2011

Di Tocker has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious Ranamok Glass Award 2011 with her suspended glass sculpture 'Stick to your knitting'.   Di says "I have been working towards this result for the past 4 years, however I have never entered a work the competition before now.  I have tried to produce (what I think) is an outstanding piece worthy of this top class competition...but in each of the past 3 years it has eluded me".
She is one of 32 finalists selected from a field of 108.

Di won The Swarbrick Dixon Award for Excellence in Glass at The Sculpture Park @ Waitakaruru Aboretum, Hamilton, NZ last year with a similar work, also titled Stick to your Knitting.  "People really responded to the work, loved the subject and quirky-ness of it, however I felt technically the piece could be improved.  I also wanted to place the work in a gallery space, making the work more confronting".  The new work is larger; each of the knitting needles are 1 metre long, the beads are now all clear and slightly larger, causing the 'knitting' to bulk out and the sculpture to become more 3-D than its predecessor.

Ranamok is the best of the limited number of glass competitions open to residents of NZ and Australia.  It is a travelling exhibition, offering viewers the chance to enjoy high quality, innovative glass artworks by top artists in the glass field at the current time.  This year the exhibition venues will be Canberra Glassworks 17 August - 22 September, Angel Place Foyer, Sydney 4  - 29th October and Riverside Centre, Brisbane 7 - 11 November.

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