Summer Glass Casting Workshop Full - 15th Jan 2012

Summer Glass Casting Workshop Full

Di Tocker's Summer Glass Casting Workshop to be held in her new purpose built studio is full.  There has been a huge amount of interest in her courses of late and as a result Di will run the course with 10 students, instead of 8.

Di will have an assistant working with her during the 3 day workshop to ensure the course runs smoothly. Being in her newly completed and well equipped studio will help also.

Students will get to complete their own glass object cast from Blackwood Lead Crystal.  They will work through the complete process - wax modeling, mold making, glass selection, kiln loading, kiln schedules, de-molding and glass finishing.  Students can expect 3 days in a fun and totally informative environment with Di Tocker, full-time glass artist.

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