Glass Casting Supplies - Shop Online - 12th Feb 2013

Glass enthusiasts throughout New Zealand are now enjoying the ease of shopping for supplies online.  Buying supplies for glass casting has always been a time consuming process, as there are many and varied materials required, and these have (in the past) needed to be sourced from lots of different outlets.

In response, Di Tocker has added an online store for Casting Supplies to her website. Customers can rest assured that the products Di stocks have been tried and tested in her own glass casting studio where she works full-time creating art pieces, commissions and teaches.

Dicastglass Casting Supplies  - Current Stocklist 

Molding Materials

Dental Plaster, Silica 350, Fibreglass, Grog

Wax Working

Wax, Wax knife curved, Wax knife straight, Wax knife spatula, Wax pen, Wax pen tips


Blackwood Lead Crystal - 22 colours available

Kiln Items

Terracotta pots - 9cm,11cm, 13cm, 15cm, 19cm, 23cm, Pot props - 75mm,110mm, 150mm

Cold Working - Finishing

Silica carbide grit - 80, 220, 400, 600, Diamond handpads, Diamond canvas strip, Micromesh MXD strip, Cerium, Pumice


Disposable gloves, Face Masks, Aprons, Safety glasses

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