Making Rubber Molds - a fun challenge - 26th Feb 2013

Students who recently undertook Di Tocker's Rubber Mold Making Course had a lot to think about about over the 2.5 days in her studio.  Rubber molds can be a challenging task.  Each student made their own rubber mold from a personal object. 

The six who attended came from various backgrounds including some who have done previous workshops with Di, some who have learned cast glass with other tutors and a bronze caster.

Rubber Molds - useful tools

Di says "Rubber molds are a very useful tool in the casting studio.  They will last for 100's of wax pours, can be very accurate with detail or serve as a 'blank' for creating base wax forms to slightly alter with each use".  To create this accuracy a complicated process to produce the mold is required.  All six students produced successful molds which they can now take home to work with.

Workshop Participant - Comments

"The process is a complex one and we most definitely needed the two-and-a-half days to complete our molds. Di demonstrated every step and provided us with comprehensive written instructions, which will be invaluable for future reference. The group was also small enough that Di could observe what everyone was doing and provide help to those who were having difficulty"

"I really liked seeing everyone else’s work, I learn just as much by seeing other people push their ideas as I do by pushing my own.  The best thing is, my mind is once again buzzing with ideas and I cannot wait to do the next course.  Thanks for everything Di. You’re a fantastic and patient teacher and that is perfect for me".

"I have attended several courses over the years and found Di's teaching technique to be the best I've experienced. She is not only an extremely accomplished glass artist, but she is happy to share her knowledge and has the patience required to cope with different levels of experience".

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