Playing with Clay and Glass - 1st Jun 2013

On the 25th of May I had the pleasure to share my studio with an awesome extended family group consisting of 4 adults and 4 teenagers.

As an introduction to casting glass, we made models from clay and used the open method of casting glass. We removed the clay as soon as the plaster molds were set, but before the clay goes hard. 

Working with small flattish forms we could fire them in 5 days allowing for the molds to be opened the following Saturday.  There was great excitement to see the results and range of colours.

We had such a great time that this group is coming back again in a couple of months...meanwhile here are some comments from the group;

"I found the glass course was actually really fun, as well as challenging it really got in touch with my creative side, playing around with ideas. The glass course itself was challenging, but a good challenge, and I really enjoyed it and I love my glass pieces and I can’t wait to do it again."
Shani aged 16

"I really liked Di because she wasn’t grumpy, she was friendly and she helped me when I needed help. When I didn’t like my clay I was allowed to scrunch into a ball and make it again. I loved doing the workshop as a whole family and my glass pieces are awesome."
Mila aged 12

"It was an amazing experience for me, and everyone too. You helped me and guided me, thanks for that."
Kaya aged 14

"It was so cool making glass. Di was really nice and helped me when I couldn't think of an idea. We got to pick the glass colours we wanted to use. Now we have our creations at home and get to look at them when ever we want!"
Jonty. Aged 14

If anyone is looking for a great family or team event this is the one for you.
We found regardless of age and ability everyone had a fantastic time and created some amazing glass. Half the fun was seeing the joy that everyone had collectively. Di is awesome!
Donna, Rosina, Nadine and Kelli (adults)

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