Mould Making Silicone available at Dicastglass - 28th Jul 2014

Mould Making Silicone available at Dicastglass

RTV2 (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) Silicone Rubber is a Premium Mould Making silicone that cures at room temperature to form a tough and flexible silicone rubber in under 24 hours. It offers excellent detail reproduction with high tear strength for long lasting moulds. RTV2 Silicone Rubber moulds release easy due to  non-adherent, flexible and elastic properties when used at the correct mixing ratio.

RTV2 Silicone Rubber has a medium viscosity which makes it ideal for pouring or brushing. Its high temperature (up to 200°C) and chemical resistance make it well suited for all types of casting resins such as polyester, polyurethane and epoxy as well as some low heat alloys. Applications include arts restoration, general handy crafts, wax casting, plaster forms, seals, stage decorations, statuettes and many more.

When RTV2 Catalyst is added at 3% to the RTV2 Silicone Rubber, the product has an average working time of around 30-40 minutes at 25°C. The actual curing time is approximately 2-4 hours. The mixing ratio needs to be accurate so an electronic scale is recommended to weigh the RTV2 Silicone Rubber and RTV2 Catalyst. Do NOT attempt to speed up or slow down the working time by adding more or less RTV2 Catalyst. Do not use this product in temperatures below 0°C. Be aware that the more RTV2 Catalyst added may result in greater silicone mould shrinkage.


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