Sculpture Wheels make Moulding easy. - 7th Sep 2014

Sculpture Wheels make Moulding easy.

I am always on the look out for tools that can make any job easier and more efficient.  Turntables/lazy susans are useful items in a sculpture studio, but I never found one just the right one for my purpose of use in the casting studio.
So I created one, 2 actually so I could have 2 sizes.  Over the past few months I have trialled these in my glass casting studio and am totally happy with the results.

The sculpture wheel  is available in 300mm and 460mm diameter;

  • it makes moulding easier,
  • helps to maintain even wall thickness of layer moulds,
  • helps to view all angles of work when modelling / hand-building wax, clay, plasticine or other modelling materials,
  • is easy to spin allowing for even decorating and mark-making,
  • could be used for cake decorating, painting models, 360 degree photography -the uses are endless.
To purchase a sculpture wheel from Dicastglass head to the Casting Supplies online store.

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