Glass Studio #2 for Di Tocker - 1st May 2017

Lucky Me!

Moving a glass studio (and kilns) is akin to moving's a really big job! Add to that building the studio first, and alongside building a new house it is a massive task, BUT a task that I feel very fortunate to experience for a second time.

Second time around I have made improvements, I have reconsidered how I work and how I want to work with glass in the future. This time the studio is set up more for my personal glass making practice,with less focus on accomadating 10 glass students. I have 2 rooms this time, well 3 actually as I have a great attic storage space which has been a very cost effective way to add extra space.

Room 1 is the messy glass workshop space for wax working, plaster moulding, wash up, some coldworking and has the kilns. Room 2 is the 'clean' space - this is my office, my thinking space, meeting room and area to display glass artworks. We have yet to add the outdoor area which will have gear such as my diamond saw and mould steaming set-up in a shed and more coldworking area.

I am still 'titivating' the glass studio spaces, but feel so grateful to have a purposely designed space to work 23 steps from home.

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