Indicator glass series - video part 1 - 23rd Apr 2020

I have just launched my first video in a while and it makes me a little uncomfortable. But I'm sharing none the less because I'm very excited to tell you about my new project...

On this video I share with you my latest glass casting project, a new series of cast glass artworks called 'Indicators'. Born out of the need to be resourceful during the Covid 19 pandemic, I am going to cast a new small series of glass artworks using 'reclaimed' studio glass. Recycling the lead crystal off-cuts from gallery glass pieces will enable me to offer the 'Indicator' pieces direct from my studio

In this video (part 1) I will discuss glass colour selection, my thought process behind designing a new series and share how I work with wax for the method of lost wax casting. In the next video (coming soon!) I will share with you the molding process for creating kiln molds from plaster and silica materials, steaming wax from the molds, selecting and preparing the lead crystal for kiln firing and loading the kiln.

Part 3 will reveal the cast lead crystal pieces. I will divest the cast glass from the molds and look at glass polishing techniques. I welcome your comments. If you like this video please share and more importantly subscribe to my channel for more updates from a Cast Glass Studio in Cambridge, New Zealand.

I am taking expressions of interest for this small series as they will be limited to stocks of reclaimed lead crystal glass that I have on hand. To register your interest in purchasing an 'Indicator' piece, flick me an email or pick up the phone.

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