Through a Glass Lens - an epic bikepacking trip - 31st May 2023

Through a Glass Lens - an epic bikepacking trip

Work is underway for my next exhibition! 

This summer I embarked on my first solo bike adventure, setting myself a challenge to complete the 1040km Kopiko Aotearoa Brevet.

With my trusty bike 'Betty' in bike packing mode, I set off equipped with all my immediate needs from East Cape at sunrise on the 22nd of January with 40 other riders heading west at their own pace. Some choose to ride fast (7 days / 150km per day!) and others slower. I took 13 days to ride to Cape Egmont following the very wiggly, hilly and challenging route staying at various camping sites and accommodation along the way. The weather was kind with virtually no wind (thank you!) and although we did have Cyclone Hale in the middle, it rained less than 10% of my time on the bike. I met so many awesome adventurous people but ultimately I was riding solo - riding my own ride.

It comes as no surprise to me that I like bike packing - there are so many similarities to casting glass...
  1. Planning is paramount
  2. Good tools are a must
  3. Training pays off 
  4. It's often a problem solving game 
  5. At times it can be a very solo pursuit but it's also great to share with others

Back in the studio, the ideas from the trip mulled over, and over....the making has begun.  The exhibition will comprise of 13 'Glass Lenses' to represent 13 days riding, referencing my memories of geographical features, milestones and emotional marker points along the way. Working in a completely new way, I will be bringing new forms and with it a new appreciation for looking into glass.

Dates of the exhibition are yet to be confirmed but likely to be end of July 2023.
Exhibition to be held at
Di Tocker Glass Studio & Gallery
33 Jarrett Terrace

If you would like an invite, please add your details to the mailing list below


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