Crazy Fun with Clay - 5th Feb 2013

A new glass casting course was offered by Di Tocker this summer as part of the (Get)Creative Summer Workshop series run in conjunction with Wintec, Hamilton.

Di named the workshop Explore Glass Casting (open molds and clay models) as the participants did just that.  This was an exercise in exploring the possibilites of molding with soft clay, creating a mold around the clay and then removing the soft clay once the plaster mold had set.

The students completed 2 small works on day 1 to get a feel for clay and plaster molding.  Day 2 was about spending more time with the clay, adding detail and working larger.  Students who had previously worked in wax noted that they really enjoyed the freedom the clay gave them to be 'looser' with the modelling material.  Di said "I was blown away with the level of detail the students could produce from the clay models.  It has turned out to be a very succesful way to work and I will keep it in mind for some of my own projects that may suit the process".

Give the Gift of Glass - 20th Nov 2012

Vouchers are now available at Dicastglass.

Available in $50 and $100 they are the ideal gift for the Cast Glass Enthusiast.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase and redeemable for any of the following-

Cast Glass Workshops

Casting Supplies

Di Tocker's Cast Glass Artwork

Glass Casting Success for Six - 15th Nov 2012

Glass Casting Success for Six The weather was starting to fine up outside...but this group of six were not here to admire the view!

Enthusiastically they embraced the principles of glass casting over 3 fun-filled days and each took away an awesome piece of finished cast glass. Once again they came from afar; four from the Waikato and others from Wellington and Nelson.

And as per usual the variety of great ideas for glass impressed me. Check out the photos and see for your self!

Some comments from the group about the workshop;
Very good - would recommend to others. I especially like the glass used (blackwood casting crystal). Benefit from the fact that you (Di) are professionally trained and have lots of experience.

I am very happy with the course, as a beginners course I think it covers the basics very well. All my questions answered (and I had plenty!)

I came wanting to learn the basics of cast glass and the course met my expectations fully.

Very professional and well organised.

Had a blast - nice and relaxing.

Cast Glass - a kiwi thing! - 15th Nov 2012

cast glass kiwis - di tocker - dicastglass Di Tocker has a new line of glass works...and these wee guys are cute!

Named Kiwi Tahi, each individually carved bird is 'one of a kind' and comes complete with packaging in a re-cycled box. 

To date these glass treasures are only available through Soul Gallery in Barton St, Hamilton and Zea You Gallery, Taupo. 

Di Tocker's glass reaches new heights - 13th Oct 2012

Di Tocker has installed her tallest glass sculpture to date at Re:Fraction, an outdoor glass exhibition at Waitakaruru Sculpture Park.  Stairway to Heaven? is a rope ladder made with 15 glass rungs and hangs from a branch 5 metres above ground.

Di cut and polished the crystal glass rods, and using girl guiding skills (learned from her mother) lashed and whipped the rope to finish the work in a very decorative fashion.

Commenting on Stairway to Heaven? Di says she wanted to "take a functional item, such as a rope ladder, change the materials and therefore render it dis-functional.  I am also intrigued as to whether people still think they can climb it....will the glass rungs hold the weight of a person?"  Di laughs and says she is not keen to find out!

Re:Fraction is on until the 18th of November.

There is scheduled Artist Talks - all at 11am on Sundays
Graeme Hitchcock - 7 October
Karin Barr - 14 October
Colleen Ryan-Priest - 28 October
Di Tocker - 11 November
free with park entry

The Sculpture Park @ Waitakaruru Arboretum
207 Scotsman Valley Rd
Tauwhare, Waikato, NZ
Open Daily 10am - 6.30pm
Entry: 15yrs plus - $15
5-14yrs - $5

Open for Viewing - Re:Fraction 2012 - 11th Oct 2012

Curated by Tim Walker, twentyone glass artists from around New Zealand took up the challenge to exhibit glass sculpture outdoors at Re:Fraction 2012.  The magnificent setting of the rock garden within The Sculpture Park @ Waitakaruru Arboretum is the perfect place to show off the colourful, vibrant and varied glass works.

Judged by Carole Shepeard, Karin Barr was the deserved recipient of the Vazey Child Award for Excellence in Glass Sculpture with her work Treasure Stones.  Hear her approach to this work when she gives an artist talk this Sunday at 11am.

Congratulations also to Jo Conroy of Wanganui for winning the emerging artist award for her piece Colour My World.

Other artists  with glass on show include Colleen Ryan-Priest, Sofia Athineou, Graeme Hitchcock, Isla Osborne, Ron Reichs and Di Tocker.

Re:Fraction is on until the 18th of November 2012.
Artist Talks - all at 11am on Sundays
Graeme Hitchcock - 7 October
Karin Barr - 14 October
Colleen Ryan-Priest - 28 October
Di Tocker - 11 November
free with park entry

The Sculpture Park @ Waitakaruru Arboretum
207 Scotsman Valley Rd
Tauwhare, Waikato, NZ
Open Daily 10am - 6.30pm
Entry: 15yrs plus - $15
           5-14yrs - $5

Awards in Store - 16th Aug 2012

Awards in Store After completing the University of Waikato Alumni Awards for the fifth year, Di spoke to Geoff Lewis of the Hamilton press. 

The article featured front page of the Hamilton Press on the 15th of August 2012.

Photography and video by Shane Morton.

Cast Glass Supplies - all together now! - 15th Aug 2012

Di Tocker of Dicastglass is thrilled to announce that her online store for Glass Casting Supplies is up and running. 

Glass Casting Supplies online

"This is a first for New Zealand" Di says, "Up until now Cast Glass Artists have had to shop here, there and everywhere for the numerous supplies they need to create glass artworks". 
Products include various size bags of plaster, silica and grog, wax, fibreglass, pots, safety gear and kiln items. 

Blackwood Casting Crystal

Dicastglass is also stocking Blackwood Casting Crystal, an alternative to the casting glasses already on the market in NZ.  Di speaks highly of Blackwood Casting Crystal; it is the casting glass of her choice, for it's true transparent quality and easy release from the mold.

Di says the aim of the online store is simplicity. 

Order to your door.

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