New Kiln for Glass Casting - 4th Jan 2012

New Kiln for Glass Casting

Arriving just in time for Christmas is the new kiln for Glass Casting in Di Tocker's studio.    Purchased second-hand, though only fired once the kiln has yet to be fully installed.  This will happen in January.  Di is thrilled about the buy  "I have been looking for a kiln for over a year now, second hand ones like this don't come up often so Colleen and I took a rushed, crazy trip up to Auckland leaving at 5.30am.  When it looked good, we didn't hesitate".

Di continues to share studio space with long-time glass colleague Colleen Ryan-Priest and as they are both keen to 'step up' their practice, the new purchase was ineveitable.  The kiln allows both artists to increase the footprint and height of their currents works, and allows for more works to be fired together.

The delivery guys (not Santa!) bought the kiln down on the 23rd of December.  What a present!

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