Testimonials From Di Tocker's Clients

Here is what clients have to say about working with Di Tocker.

A commission to represent our life journey so far

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to commission Di to deliver a bespoke glass artwork for us. We wanted something to represent our life journey so far and found that Di’s Navigator series symbolised our thoughts well.  Di was able to deliver us a beautiful glass piece based on this theme that delivered our message and complemented our setting.
Di’s adaptability and process were inspiring and hugely rewarding to be part of.  From the very first visioning stages through to wax concepts, choice of colours then receiving the finished product, Di made sure we understood the process, her artistic boundaries, technical constraints and the time involved for each step, then she kept us engaged through each development stage. 
We really enjoyed working with Di, we love our artwork and expect that future generations will also treasure it for years to come. Thanks Di.

John and Lisa O’Donoghue, Hamilton


Glass art purchased online

I first saw Di’s glass online on Instagram. I work with glass myself and I particularly love pieces that are made by ‘working deep’.  There is something so special about a deep cast piece of glass that has been lovingly coldworked to transparency. 

When I saw Di’s cast glass work, I immediately connected to it, especially the Submerge series reminding me of the Polar places that I love.  I also appreciate how incredibly difficult it is to create these cast glass pieces.  Hours of painstaking work make Di’s cast glass artworks very special.

I purchased Submerge #9 directly from Di without seeing the glass as I live in England. Di’s communication was excellent, clear, and in tune with my distance and the fact that it was just before Christmas!

When it arrived my new glass sculpture was more beautiful that I had imagined. I filmed myself opening it (Instagram strikes again!) and I was literally speechless!  The glass sculpture was fabulously packaged.  The weight of it, the sound of it, the colours; it is an experience I won’t forget!

Purchasing this special glass artwork was a big outlay.  I knew Di knew this too, which was lovely.  But I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever.  In fact, I would have paid twice over I love it so much! 

Eryl Holt, England

Glass Artworks for renovation

Room and Embrace in the top-lit alcove

We were fortunate enough to be referred to Di when we had made some enquiries for a couple of meaningful pieces of artwork to display in our newly created top-lit alcoves. After meeting with Di at her studio in Cambridge we were greatly impressed with Di's passion for her artwork and the quality and depth associated with her individually crafted lead crystal pieces.  

Di was good enough to provide a very personal and professional service with a visit to our home with some of her pieces and we were able to get an insight into the concepts behind every item.

We quickly settled on two quite fascinating pieces from the "Room" and "Embrace" series which are perfect for the environment they are now a part of.

Thank you Di for helping us to enhance the look and feel of our home with your stunning work.

Best regards

Peter and Kuljeet, Hamilton

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