Fluid Practice

6th - 26th November 2019
Form Gallery, Christchurch

An exhibition of new glass by Jarred Wright and Di Tocker.

Fluid Practice refers to the fluid motion of glass as it's heated, via a torch by Jarred Wright and flowing from the crucible into a mould in Di Tocker’s works. A title of multiple meanings, 'Fluid Practice' also references the many years both artists have worked with glass. Both Di Tocker and Jarred Wright have adapted their practice as they traverse their own pathway.

Jarred is a glass artist from Christchurch and currently lives in Brisbane. He trained under the British Society of Scientific Glass in the microbiology and chemistry department at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Jarred finds influence in the natural forms that appear under the microscope. He also maintains an affinity to the unique flora, fauna, and artistic styling of his home land, Aotearoa. All of Wright’s work is shaped by hand and mouth while molten hot in the old tradition of bench-torch glass blowing.

Di focuses solely on casting glass, working from her purpose-built studio in Cambridge. Di was fortunate to discover her love of glass at the early age of 18. Since then, she has always created works in glass as a competent hobbyist, leading her to a full-time career in 2-dimensional glass. Di completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in glass in 2002 at the RMIT in Melbourne. There she discovered a penchant for 3-dimensional forms. Di has been in full-time practice since, casting for 12 years and developing her own personal narratives within figurative and abstract forms.

Photography supplied by Form Gallery