International Submerge

Glass Art Purchased from Across the Ocean

"I first saw Di’s glass online on Instagram. I work with glass myself and I particularly love pieces that are made by ‘working deep’. There is something so special about a deep cast piece of glass that has been lovingly coldworked to transparency. 

When I saw Di’s cast glass work, I immediately connected to it. Especially the Submerge series that reminded me of the polar places that I love. I also appreciate how incredibly difficult it is to create these cast glass pieces. Hours of painstaking work make Di’s cast glass artworks very special.

I purchased Submerge #9 directly from Di without seeing the glass as I live in England. Di’s communication was excellent, clear, and in tune with my distance and the fact that it was just before Christmas!

When it arrived my new glass sculpture was more beautiful that I had imagined. I filmed myself opening it (Instagram strikes again), and I was literally speechless. The glass sculpture was fabulously packaged. The weight of it, the sound of it, the colours. It is an experience I'll never forget!

Purchasing this special glass artwork was a big outlay. I knew Di knew this too, which was lovely. But I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. In fact, I would have paid twice over I love it so much."

Eryl Holt, England

*Eryl came to visit me in 2024. Read more here!

Photography by Di Tocker