Flux & Flow

5th - 26th July 2021
Gallery Thirty Three, Wanaka

The cast glass sculptures of Di Tocker’s Fluid series belies their true identity.

These weighty sculptures are as much works of light as they are of glass. Tocker’s skillful handling of colour captures the semi-permanent flow of melting lead crystal. Her artful technique is key to anticipating the relationship between the glass object and refractive light. The grungy process of lost wax casting involves heavy plaster moulds, high temperature kilns, diamond polishing equipment, and working with capricious materials to make the improbably beautiful sculptures even more astonishing.

A consummate craftsperson, Tocker's attention to detail is evident throughout her process and reflects in the finishing of the object. She balances her 20 years of studio practice and knowledge with an intuition and keen sense of curiosity about “what's next” in her work. In a process where no two works are the same, Tocker tests and experiments to find inspiration in the forms and atmospheres of nature; chaos and control, flow and rupture, light and colour.

Her profound consideration of the refractive possibilities in her designs ensure the final sculptures look their best in natural light.

Photography by Mark Hamilton and Di Tocker