Podcast - A new thing for this Glass Artist - 17th Aug 2018

Breaking Art_The Podcast recording studio

I am new to podcasts. I love to listen to while I am busy creating in the studio. One of my favourite series is Breaking Art, in which Jason Naylor gets around NZ in his Kombi and interviews a range of creatives about balancing their art with business.

So, needless to say, I was pretty chuffed to receive an email from Jason, asking if I would be his next guest in the Kombi, while he was up this way attending Spark in Hamilton last week.

It's a bare-all kind of thing, this interview. Even if you know me well you may learn something new about me. I share the story of my relationship with glass, my studio practice including some very low points and of course the many high points that keep me making glass. Jason is an attentive listener, talking about this stuff with him was easy, but I'll admit it is a bit scary to share with the rest of you!

Gentle warning....the podcast is 1 hour long, so you may wish to download and save for driving or while you are doing your thing, in your special place.

All good Glass comes to an end - 22nd Jul 2018

All good Glass comes to an end

The inspiration for making cast glass 'Paper People' came to me in 2009. Nine years on, as my practice evolves, I need to make way for new works. I have decided to stop making Paper People at the end of 2018.

I want to thank those who have purchased Cast Glass Paper People works in the past 6 years. I know some glass pieces have travelled far, some signify lost loved ones and some represent precious family groups. Each Paper People glass art piece has been made by my hand and from my heart.

There are still available pieces at my ever supportive galleries. Or take the opportunity to commission a paper people just for you.

Last Orders need to be received by 31 August for December delivery.

Di Tocker at Form Gallery, Christchurch - 6th Jun 2018

It's Better Together

is the title of Di Tocker's solo exhibtion at Form Gallery in Christchurch. Opening on 6 June and continuing unitl 26 June, 2018, Di's new sculptural glass artworks feature two figures together for the first time.

Di says "My husband and I have recently celebrated our 20 year anniversary, now ours is a maturing relationship. I have some very special alliances with other practising artists, one in particular - Jennie De Groot (painter) and I talk every week, sharing our practice ideals and help maintain each others momentum. So, I am coming to the conclusion, that while I make glass alone, life is so much better together".

The response to the new works has been very positive too.
“I love the solitary loneliness you have captured in your work up until now, but this new direction, better together, is really exciting. Can’t wait to see more”.
Stuart Park, Glass Collector and Historian.

It's Better Together 
continues until the 26th of June.
Form Gallery
468 Colombo St
Sydenham, Christchurch.
Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 5


Glass Art Open Studio - Cambridge, NZ - 17th Nov 2017

I welcome you to visit my glass studio. Wander around my purpose built glass casting workshop and view plenty of glass pieces in my small gallery space, including new works, older stock and production works. All works are for sale, prices start at $150.

Sunday 3 December
11am - 2pm
Other times by appointment

33 Jarrett Terrace
M 0210384057
E di@ditocker.nz

Otago Daily Times, Gallery De Novo review - 12th Oct 2017

The Painter and the Glassmaker
Jennie De Groot and Di Tocker

De Novo's current exhibition pairs the strong impressionistic landscapes of Jennie De Groot and the eye-catching meditative glasswork of Di Tocker.

De Groot's paintings are strongly rooted in the rhythms of the Otago landscape. Landforms are often hinted at rather than directly stated in works where the palette captures and conveys the essence of the country. The paintings, created with a brush and knife, are dynamic, and painted with vigour and confidence. The radiating strokes of Guided Home and Burnt Around The Edges produce visceral traces of the equally strong landscapes represented. Quieter pieces, such as the sombre Untethered, capture the spirit of the land equally effectively.

Against these strong backdrops, Di Tocker's small attractive glass forms gain a Zen-like meditative quality. Figures stand and sit enclosed in circles of colour, or adrift on spirit-boats on some unknown sea. Others are captured like bugs in amber within solid blocks of translucency.  The crystalline forms glow in soft tones, the pellucid colours shift and blend as the light moves around them. There is an intense thoughtfulness about the figures which enables the viewer to feel a personal connection with them. They have a rough familiarity; clearly hewn, they seem to represent the lost soul hopefully travelling to and unknown destination.

James Dignan
Otago Daily Times, Thursday October 12, 2017

The Painter and the Glassmaker VISIT
6-19 October, 2017
Gallery De Novo
101 Stuart St
Ph 03 474 9200

Exhibition - Set up at Gallery De Novo, Dunedin - 7th Oct 2017

The Painter and the Glassmaker VISIT

Jennie De Groot and I set the up the exhibition on Thursday, after sending all our work down from the Waikato and arriving ourselves the day before. With strong ideas on how we wanted this show to look, Gallery De Novo allowed us to transform their space. I felt it was important to allow my glass to 'lift off' from the floor so instead of using plinths I designed (and executed in a very short time!) the central display area around the gallery pillar.

There is 'room to breathe' as you digest the paintings and glass. Relationships have been captured between the works. All in all, we are very happy!

I hope you enjoy these images. The exhibtion is on for the next 2 weeks till the 19th of October. Gallery De Novo is open 7 days - they will post and pack, should you wish to browse online I have the full catalogue here.


Di Tocker

Navigator Series available for viewing - 19th Sep 2017

Due to many requests I am making my new Navigator Series available for viewing before they head south for the exhibition at Gallery De Novo, Dunedin in October.

My new studio is in Cambridge. I welcome you to visit my purpose built glass casting studio, have a chat with me and view the 15 new works. Developed in response to my residency in Dunedin 2 years ago, the Navigator Series focus on mindful travel, discovery and being in the moment where ever you are.

For the first time I have felt compelled to offer 2 figures as the setting allows. I have deliberately worked slowly and intuitively, combining textural elements contrasting with flat polished surfaces. The circle has been the starting point and as always my aim is to create an artwork with just enough information to provoke conversation.

All pieces are one-offs and include archival quality packaging.

If you would like to visit my studio contact me on 0210384057 or email di@ditocker.nz to arrange a time before the end of September.

Studio glass photos - Navigator series - 7th Sep 2017

It's always great to get the glass works out of the working studio environment and into the photography studio. I can take a step back from the glass, enjoy the successful results of hard labour and start to work on the next progression for the series. Here are a few tasters.... 

See the Exhibition

The Painter and the Glassmaker  - VISIT

Gallery De Novo
101 Stuart St, Dunedin
Ph 03 474 9200
6 - 19 October 2017

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