The Process of Casting Glass

"What I enjoy most about glass casting is the variety of tasks and skills required to finish a piece - drawing, sculpting, mathematics, a steady hand and a complete thought process".

These are the steps Glass Artist Di Tocker takes to create a Cast Glass Artwork using the Lost Wax Method
  • create a model from wax 
  • hand build a kiln mould from plaster/silica around the wax model
  • steam the wax out of the kiln mould
  • weigh and clean the lead crystal, pack in a terracotta pot
  • place the kiln mould in the kiln with the terracotta above
  • set the kiln controller to desired firing schedule (minimum 1 week)
  • unpack the kiln, discard the terracotta pot (1 use only)
  • remove the mould from the glass
  • cut the base off the glass with diamond saw
  • grind the base by handlapping with four grades of grit
  • soak glass in polish dip for 8 hours
  • polish flat areas (base) with cerium oxide
  • engrave signature and code on the base
  • photograph 
  • catalogue 
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