Casting Glass - lolly shop now open! - 21st Mar 2013

blackwood casting crystal

New stock of Blackwood Casting Crystal has arrived in New Zealand.  Di Tocker of Dicastglass, online supplier of glass casting materials has just received 200kg from Australia.

Di says "Its just like being in a lolly shop for glassies when I get to unpack all the glass.  I can't help but wonder what this gorgeous raw material will end up as when it is cast".

Blackwood Casting Crystal is Di's chosen glass for using in closed and open kiln molds. 

Benefits of Blackwood Casting Crystal

Artisan glass, handcrafted in Victoria, Australia, Blackwood Casting Crystal has many benefits.

- With 35% lead content, Blackwood Casting Crystal provides a true transparent quality to cast glass works.
- 35% lead content gives you a high volume to weight ratio.
Precise measurement
- It is supplied as (un-annealed) chunks.
The chunks are easy to break, allowing for exact measurement of glass quantities.
- An excellent range of very organic-like colours.
- All colours are compatible and blend well.
- Striking colours are reliable. (striking glasses are those which change colour with heat application - reds, golds, white)
Molding qualities
- Glass releases well from molds. (Note: this is dependent on mold quality and firing schedule)
- Suitable for closed and open mold casts.
- Suitable for use with crucible (pot) or direct into the mold.
- Optimal surface can be achieved with little cold working. (Note: This is dependent on required results.)
- Responds well to sanding, grinding and polishing.

Colours and Cost of Blackwood Casting Crystal

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