Glass Cloak Embraces All - 22nd Sep 2014

I have been asked to create a work in response to an item of my choice from the archives of the Te Awamutu Museum.  This has been an interesting exercise leading me in journey with twists and turns as my ideas and thoughts have morphed along the way.

I chose a whale bone Patu, which once belonging to a local Maori woman Rahapa Te Hauata.  She married Irishman Thomas Power in the 1800's. I was quite taken with the Patu when I found out that family members still visit it at the Museum archives.  It wasn't so much about the form, although I did respond its simplistic shape - it was more about the item being surrounded by family.  I consider that the family draws strength from the Patu.

The models in my studio developed over time into a cloak form (gathering) and after 2 initial attempts that failed to translate fully into glass, I got this result.  And after asking the lovely and helpful audience on Facebook I settled on a name - Embrace.

I will continue to explore this series, hoping to place 3 of these (different colours) in the exhibition to be held at the Te Awamutu Museum at the end of this year.

Embrace our people, embrace our loved ones, embrace our land...

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