Casting Crystal - full supply to New Zealand - 2nd Feb 2015

Casting Crystal - full supply to New Zealand

All colours of Blackwood Casting Crystal are in stock and available from Dicastglass near Hamilton, NZ.  You can order Blackwood Casting Crystal in 1kg amounts from the Dicastglass online store and it will be delivered direct to you.

Manufactured in Victoria, Australia, Blackwood is the casting glass of choice for full time caster Di Tocker.  Di loves the organic colour mixes, that have full compatibility with each other, and release fantastically from the plaster/silica moulds she uses in her practice. Blackwood Casting Crystal is also very responsive to cold-working.

Bronze (see images) was introduced to the glass casters pallet in 2014, soon to follow was citrus (a pale yellow) and soon to arrive (after some final compatibility tests) will be pink.

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