Kiln 1, kiln 2, kiln 3 - 16th Feb 2015

Friday the 13th of February was a lucky day at Dicastglass Studio as we took delivery of our 3rd kiln.

This is an exciting step to producing more and larger glass objects.  Di Tocker says "It became apparent that I would need more kiln capacity last year.  The large works I want to make from my Rooms series take one month to fire in the kiln and I couldn't fit anymore than 3 in last year.  I would like to make at least 6 per year but I also need to keep up with commissions, gallery supply and students work".

Di gave a lot of thought as to whether to trade up a smaller kiln for 2 larger kilns but in the end decided more flexibility would be created from have 3 medium size kilns.

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