Viewing glass artwork post-lockdown - 21st Apr 2020

Sphere #3 - a recent experiment

Our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern let us know what the next 3 weeks will look like for New Zealanders yesterday. 

Level 4 to level 3
For me, not too much will change at home; the 2 teenagers will still be learning from home and my husband will be working from home also - the cat will still be sleeping! The biggest change will be that I can now use couriers and dispatch the stack of parcels at the door.

Galleries and viewing glass
Galleries will remain closed for sometime yet, as normal shopping is not yet happening. I work with 6 galleries around NZ selected for their willingness to know me and my glass work well. These galleries all have great websites, and I do encourage you to browse online and make contact with them as I know they are missing instore visitors big-time. What better time to make changes  and additions to your own home after you have been staring at these walls attentively for the past 4 weeks! 

I have spent considerable time during lockdown updating my website, ensuring that all available cast glass artworks out there in the NZ galleries are visible online. The glass studio online gallery is up to date with cast glass pieces that you can purchase contactless through online shopping.

Making glass to order
It has become apparent to me that to move successsfully forward in 2020 and beyond, I will need to allocate my business dollars wisely.  By making glass art to order I can do this. If I know that a piece or two in each kiln load is 'sold' before I create it, then my bank balance is working for me. 

I welcome you to contact me to discuss your ideas for a glass artwork you maybe interested in. Remember enquiries do not equal obligation!  I have a page dedicated to explaining the make to order process. 
I'd love to hear from you!

I wish you well in your bubble till we can meet in person again.


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