New Zealand embraces Indicator glass series - 7th May 2020

I am so very thrilled with the reaction to my new Cast Glass series - Indicators.

Born from ideas hatched while in lockdown The Indicators represent directional change, choosing a differnt path and forward thinking. The Indicator glass sculptures are all hand crafted in my studio from 'reclaimed' studio glass - the offcuts of lead crystal from my cast glass gallery works. Because they are from reclaimed glass I can offer these direct to you from my studio. Three of the first four are off to new homes, I couldn't be happier that my work sparks a connection in people.

Here's what one client emailed me today after making payment
"Hi Di. Proof of bank deposit attached. WOW cant believe it.  He'll be our forever reminder of this 6 plus weeks at home (although scary, I've enjoyed hanging on the farm.and not commuting to work) he'll remind us of how we looked forward... in so many ways. So so so cool. 
So many logical reasons not to... yet so strongly compelled to bring him in our lives. 

And as promised I have completed the last video showing the studio processes involved in casting the Indicator series. If you are interested in purchasing an Indicator please get in touch. They will only be availabe when reclaimed glass stocks allow and I will be making to order. 

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